London Underground - Cooling the Tube Programme

Southdowns was appointed to provide a range of technical services to the design and build contractor responsible for upgrading the cooling capacity of the ventilation system at two ventilation shaft sites on the Victoria Line. These services included:

  • baseline noise and vibration studies;
  • determination of target outlet noise levels for the upgraded system;
  • detailed design of noise mitigation measures for the range of operational modes of the upgraded ventilation equipment, including specification of fan attenuators, duct lining and outlet louvres and grilles;
  • detailed consideration of airborne noise breakthrough and identification of suitable mitigation options including input to detailed design of bespoke fan enclosures and large area wall treatments;
  • structureborne noise transmission path analysis.
  • preparation of Section 61 consent applications for the proposed works;
  • monitoring of demolition / construction noise and vibration using remotely downloadable equipment.
  • monitoring of vibration on sensitive electrical power systems equipment using innovative instantaneous e-mail alarm notification.