Khartoum North Power Station, Sudan

Southdowns was commissioned to provide the noise and vibration section to the EIA. This involved a comprehensive baseline noise survey around the existing site, along with detailed source noise measurements of all existing principal equipment.

meet the ever increasing demand for electricity in the region, the National Electricity Corporation is progressing with the planned extension to their existing oil burning power station located near to Khartoum in Sudan. The site currently operates four HFO boilers continuously with intermittent use of up to four gas turbine generators to meet additional demand particularly in the summer months.

proposed extension will introduce two additional higher capacity 100MW HFO boilers and the associated ancillary systems including induced draught cooling towers and water treatment facilities as well as additional rail sidings for oil importation.

existing and proposed facilities were modelled to establish the likely noise changes and site perimeter noise levels as part of the EIA. A number of mitigation measures were identified including future site management issues and building fabric considerations.