Kensington Row - Baseline Particulate Monitoring, Dust Risk Assessment, Demolition & Construction Monitoring

Southdowns was commissioned to provide pre-commencement consultancy for a prestigious £200 million+ multi-phased residential development of apartments, penthouses, private cinema, swimming pool, sauna and spa development. A baseline particulate survey was conducted to inform the dust risk assessments. Airborne particulate monitoring during the demolition and construction phases. A web enabled system was deployed to meet the local authorities requirements for access to the data.

Particulate/Dust monitoring is carried out at four locations in accordance with the Mayor's Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Monitoring results are assessed against a 15-minute Site Action Level (SAL). An informative summary report is provided to the local authority each month. To enable pro-active management of dust emissions, each of the 4 no. monitoring systems is programmed to send email alerts to Southdowns' project team and to site engineers immediately following an exceedance of a SAL. This feature enables the contractor to refine and amend working methods to minimise disturbance to neighbouring dust sensitive receptors.

The current and historic dust concentrations are available through a webserver where key stakeholders have been given access to allow transparency of the dust monitoring and demonstrate the contractors commitment to environmental management.