DLR Woolwich-Arsenal Extension

Southdowns Environmental Consultants Limited was commissioned to undertake a study of the groundborne noise and vibration associated with the operation of the proposed Woolwich Arsenal Extension of Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

A number of site specific detailed models representing a range of building types and usages were developed for the study to enable a route-wide assessment of the groundborne noise and vibration predicted to arise as a result of the passage of DLR trains in the new tunnels.

The modelling exercise enabled the isolation performance specifications of track systems along the route to be defined. The primary system involves the use of a resilient baseplate assembly with other sensitive sections of the route requiring either a resilient rail-chair system or a fully floating slab track.

Specific studies were carried out to establish the mitigation requirements for a sub-surface switch and crossing section of the line, taking into account the groundborne noise and vibration generated by wheel displacements caused by trains transversing discontinuities in the rails along the S&C 'frogs'.

The study also required demonstration of compliance with a number of Undertakings relating to target groundborne noise and vibration levels within sensitive buildings.