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Kerrie Baggs Senior Environmental Consultant


Kerrie Baggs

Kerrie is a Senior Environmental Consultant with interests in air quality, sustainability, environmental management and monitoring, working on a diverse range of projects for clients in both the public and private sectors. Kerrie has a vast array of experience across a multitude of projects, including but not limited to HS2, Crossrail and other large scale construction projects in which she has undertaken air quality assessments for planning applications, conditions, Environmental Statement chapters and air quality input into construction management plans. Kerrie also regularly project manages many projects including occupational air quality and dust monitoring and construction monitoring projects for air quality, dust noise and vibration

With a BSc (Hons) 2:1 degree in Environmental Forensics and postgraduate qualifications in Environmental Management, her studies have included modules in sustainable management, environmental decision making, environmental planning and law, occupational health and safety, chemistry, environmental toxicology and auditing.

Prior to joining Southdowns in 2014, she worked in an ISO 9001 accredited laboratory as an environmental and chemical analyst providing test services to the oil and gas industry services.

Kerrie specialises in Dust and Air Quality Management and Monitoring for planning applications and for the delivery of projects in the construction, property, transportation, industrial/commercial and other sectors. She also has ongoing interests and experience in the field of occupational dust and air quality surveys to ensure that employees' exposures do not exceed relevant workplace exposure and other limits.