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Surveys and Monitoring

Environmental Surveys and Monitoring Continuous and semi-permanent environmental monitoring Environmental monitoring services

Environmental monitoring, whether short-term surveys or longer term compliance monitoring using either continuous using semi-permanent equipment or on an ad-hoc basis using attended sampling approaches, has become a pre-requisite activity for the majority of construction projects now being planned or undertaken at sensitive sites. We design and implement bespoke cost-effective monitoring solutions for clients taking into account the specific circumstances and requirements of the project and stakeholders. With on-line access to monitors and our in-house data management specialists, it is now possible to provide and manage stakeholder access to data, reports and documentation through our web-portal.

We provide a full project life cycle service for all of your monitoring needs including:

  • liaison and negotiation with regulatory bodies on your behalf;
  • early advice on scales of quantity (locations and volumes of monitoring);
  • specification of equipment tailored to your project's requirements;
  • development of method statements and Risk Assessments;
  • installation, testing, maintenance of equipment;
  • periodic verification (UKAS or similar) and field calibration of equipment;
  • provision of replacement equipment as a result of failures or damage;
  • rapid deployment of servicing teams as required;
  • on-line access with definable security levels to data via web-portal; and
  • data management and reporting, including expert interpretation and complaint investigation.

Our equipment, monitoring and data reporting services are managed by a dedicated in-house team, working to ISO 9001 certified procedures and processes. For further information on our monitoring services please download a copy of our eBrochure, or alternatively please contact us directly.

As people spend over 90% of their time indoors their total exposure to pollutants can be largely dependent on indoor exposure to airborne pollutants. The exposure to indoor air pollutants can have a strong influence on the health, comfort and productivity of building occupants. Southdowns provides a suite of indoor air quality monitoring services including monitoring of indoor air quality parameters and pollutants.

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