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Modelling and Prediction

Environmental Modelling and Prediction Consultancy Prediction & modelling of noise, vibration and air quality impacts

Southdowns' utilises several proprietary and bespoke modelling software packages for the prediction of noise, vibration and air quality impacts. All packages used by Southdowns are approved for use under the company's ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System and cover all aspects of the specialist services we offer including:

  • calculation of environmental noise levels arising from railways, roads, aircraft, industrial premises, construction projects and M&E equipment;
  • operational groundborne noise and vibration from underground and surface railway operations;
  • calculation of the vibro-acoustic performances of railway track systems;
  • sound insulation and impact insulation performance of building elements;
  • dispersion modelling of gaseous and particulate pollutants for transport network and point sources;
  • DMRB modelling of gaseous and particulate pollutants from roads;
  • emission inventories and stack height calculations; and
  • nitrogen deposition modelling.

Southdowns can also provide numerical modelling services for analyses of structureborne noise and vibration within buildings as part of early design assessments, for transmission path analysis and for noise control purposes.

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