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Mitigation Design

Noise mitigation for feasibility, planning and design Environmental impact mitigation design services

Whether you are looking for engineered noise and / or air quality mitigation measures during feasibility, planning or design stages, or preventative / corrective measures using innovative management approaches, Southdowns provides a complete mitigation design service for all of our specialist disciplines.

Southdowns' consultants are experienced in the evaluation of mitigation scenarios for multiple noise and air quality emission sources and the recommendation of the most cost effective measures for the client's needs. We are highly skilled in evaluating and establishing Best Practicable Means (BPM) and Best Available Techniques (BAT) for operational facilities as part of managing risks associated with nuisance, disturbance and potential health effects. The company is also able to provide concept basic design drawings for engineered mitigation solutions using in-house CAD capability.

Mitigation measures can include construction site noise, vibration and dust suppression measures; vibro-acoustic mitigation for railway trackforms; silencer and termination designs for HVAC systems; noise barriers; AV devices for machinery and equipment; building envelope and glazing systems; floor, ceiling and party wall constructions; exhaust stack AQ treatments and filtering.

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