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Noise emissions monitoring services

Rudge Hill Farm - Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation System for Renewable Energy

Noise emissions generated by the operation of a photovoltaic solar farm were investigated as part of a noise complaint investigation. The solar farm has a generation capacity of approximately 1 megawatt (MW) that provides power to approximately 250 dwellings, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 420,000 kg per annum. An attended noise survey was undertaken on and in the vicinity of the solar farm, which included narrowband Fast Fourier Transform noise measurements in proximity to the solar farm’s inverters and HV transformer plant and the measurement of narrowband frequency and broadband A-weighted L max , L eq,T and L 90,T noise...

Demolition and construction dust risk assessment

The Glebe, London

The prestigious Glebe scheme – anticipated to become London’s most expensive address – comprises six high-end apartments, a duplex penthouse and two large detached villas, and has an estimated development value of £300m. . Southdowns has provided pre-commencement consultancy to enable our client to discharge planning conditions including; baseline surveys; demolition and construction dust risk assessment method statement; and preparation of a low emission strategy. . The discharge of the Low Emission Strategy planning condition required negotiation and agreement of appropriate emission limits with the local authority. The calculation of the Combined Heat and Power and boiler system emissions and...

Wind Farm, Senegal

Southdowns undertook an environmental noise impact assessment of a 50 MW large-scale wind farm proposed to be located in the Saint-Louis and Louga regions of north-west Senegal. An acoustical model of the proposed wind turbines was developed, using the noise modelling software SoundPLAN v7, and noise contours were generated to predict the spatial variation in the wind farm’s noise emissions in surrounding communities....