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Lewisham Road Traffic Noise Mapping

As part of the implementation of the Environment Noise Directive ( END ) in England, which aims to define a common approach to avoid, prevent or reduce the harmful effects due to exposure to environmental noise, noise mapping was completed by DEFRA for major roads, railways and agglomerates, with an aim to inform subsequent Noise Action Plans. With the completion of the noise mapping (in 2006) as part of the Noise Mapping England project, ‘First Priority’ locations were identified where noise levels exceeded relevant limit values / criteria. These ‘First Priority’ locations were envisaged to provide a framework for the...

Bowstring road bridge Paddington Station

Westminster City Council Rail Schemes Advice

Working through a large multi-disciplinary consulting engineering organisation, Southdowns provided expert independent specialist advice to the Council’s Officers on a number of different projects. Paddington Long Term Vehicular Access Bridge. The LTVA project involved the replacement of a major bowstring road bridge which crosses a number of railway lines and a canal close to Paddington Station. The new bridge was expected to improve road traffic congestion around the station. The bridge was part of a major re-development scheme taking place within the Paddington Basin. The location of the bridge near to prestigious modern apartments combined with the overriding requirement for...

Crossrail - Parliamentary Select Committee

Southdowns provided technical services to the London Local Planning Authorities for nearly three years on a number of generic (routewide) and local noise and vibration issues. The publication of the House of Lords Special Report marked a milestone in the development of the Crossrail project, and drew to a close Southdowns’ involvement on behalf of the petitioners to the Bill. Westminster City Council’s Head of Planning, Graham King (and Chair of the Crossrail Planning Forum) said:. “The end of the 3 year Select Committee process considering the Crossrail Bill represents a significant milestone for the local authorities faced with dealing...