Rugby Legends Festival

Southdowns was commissioned to assist Urban Events with the management of environmental noise levels at this one day sports festival in Wimbledon. Over 3,000 people arrived to watch the rugby tournament as well as music performances from the likes of UB40.

Along with compliance monitoring during the event, prior surveys were undertaken to ascertain background sound levels along with sample music levels. The results of these surveys fed into discussions with sound engineers to derive noise limits. Southdowns also supplied consultancy regarding stage and loudspeaker arrangement, which resulted in the stage being repositioned in order to reduce the noise impact to the surrounding environment. During the event, continuous radio contact was maintained with the team of sound engineers to provide feedback on current noise levels.

Southdowns provided acoustic support to the organisers of this festival for both the 2013 and 2014 events. No complaints relating to noise levels were received by the festival organisers during these events.