Planning Guidelines for Hydraulic Fracturing and other Onshore Oil and Gas Activities

22nd Jul, 2013

Following recent publicity and various headlines about shale gas exploration in the UK and the environmental issues associated with hydraulic fracturing (aka. fracking), the Department for Communities and Local Government has now published guidance on the planning issues associated with each separate phase of onshore hydrocarbon extraction.

This guidance is intended to supplement other planning guidance and the National Planning Policy Framework.

The principal environmental issues raised in this document, which need to be addressed by mineral planning and other regulatory authorities, include noise, dust and air quality.

With extensive experience of providing monitoring services and technical input to EIA, planning and permitting for major infrastructure and minerals projects throughout the UK and overseas, Southdowns consultants are able to provide developers and regulatory authorities with expert technical advice on the management and control of environmental noise, vibration, dust and air quality throughout the exploration, production and site restoration phases typically associated with onshore hydrocarbon extraction and other mineral activities.

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