BS 4142: 2014 - Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound

24th Oct, 2014

The long awaited revision of BS 4142:2014 was published late October.

The revised standard BS 4142 describes methods for rating and assessing sound of an industrial or commercial nature. It enables the effects on people nearby to be assessed and the associated risks to be minimized. It is designed to give consistent results across situations ranging from a single air-conditioning unit to a large installation such as an oil refinery.

Since the last revision in 1997, acoustic instruments have changed and we know more about subjective responses to sound. This updated edition of BS 4142 takes account of the advances in technology and improves the accuracy of final assessments. Many sections of the standard have also been revised to improve clarity.

The standard:

  • Helps assess sound levels at proposed new residential premises
  • Enables the investigation of complaints by determining sound levels
  • Reduces the likelihood of financial penalties
  • Supports current UK planning guidance and Environment Agency guidance

BS 4142 is widely used in planning and public inquiries. It will be invaluable to environmental health officers, acoustics consultants, and anyone involved in planning, training or legal matters where sound levels may be an issue.

BS 4142:2014 replaces the previous revision BS4142:1997.